bug3Take caution on downloading those files in Adobe .pdf format as it can contain malware which can surely affect your computer. Below are the malwares and the e-threats it can cause to its infested computers:

  1. Backdoor PoisonIvy.GK

This malware gives the attacker an access to execute unauthorized commands on the victim computer and even monitors and logs all the applications and application versions which the computer owner uses.

  1. Trojan.Spammer.Tedroo.BA

A malware which converts its infected computer into a spamming machine.

  1. Trojan.Spy.Goldun.NEP

It monitors Internet Explorer windows and steals user’s authentication for e-gold.

For you not to fall for these e-threats, make sure to install Adobe security updates and most importantly, update your security solutions.

Until next time – keep safe!

Malcolm – Your BitDefender Guide