bytedefender-trojan BitDefender, the award winning online security software provides great protection against viruses and other threats. ByteDefender on the other hand is a rogue/trojan that exploits BitDefender’s name for  malicious purposes.

Rogues are fake antivirus applications that try to scam you out of your hard earned money. Once installed it will warn you that your computer has been infected, then it will urge you to pay to remove the problems.  From a security point of view it doesn’t do anything.

The rogue is distributed by a domain registered in Ukraine. The people with malicious intent are counting on the user making a spelling error when trying to access the BitDefender webpage. Once on the malicious website of ByteDefender, the user is tricked into downloading the fake software.

ByteDefender enter computer systems through malicious pop-ups, banners or fake video codec updates. All this is done with the help of Trojan applications and, of course, without user’s knowledge and consent. The other way to catch this infection is via the download from their website which I am not going to link to here for your security.

“Cyber-criminals know no boundaries when it comes to distributing and marketing their rogue security products. Sensational events, Trojanised applications or websites and carefully forged – yet useless – ‘security products’ are only a few of the multitude of methods to capitalize on unwary users,” commented Senior researcher with BitDefender, Catalin Cosoi.

BitDefender’s products already provide protection against ByteDefender. If you are infected with ByteDefender and would like to remove the rogue from your system, just run your BitDefender scan.

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