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Is Your PC Under Hacking Threat?

How to Protect Children Online

How safe is your child? As much as possible, we don’t want our children to be harmed, not by anyone or anything, as in not at all. Just like protecting them from sicknesses, guarding their diet, and assisting their education, and so much more, we have to guard their online activities. As a parent, our duties and responsibilities effects all the time.

We are not, in any way, permitted to take a holiday or a vacation from being a parent. Having that said, we should ‘NOT’ stop guarding our children against any harm, not only in the real but in the CYBER world.

All of us, we’re aware how good or bad the internet can influence our kids. Not only one or two reports have been broadcasted about how damaging is using the internet if our kids will be exposed to….

  • Pornography
  • Hate speech
  • Gambling such as poker, casinos, etc.
  • Violence
  • Video gaming
  • False philosophy
  • And so much more…

While the internet may seem to become a very helpful ‘tool’ for our children in ‘research and study,’ it can also pose serious threats. If we don’t want them harmed online, let’s take a look at these tips on how to safeguard kids online.

  1. Spend time with our children while browsing the internet. Let’s locate our PC where we can see the activities of our children on the internet. Perhaps, we can place it in the living room.
  2. Monitor children while browsing online. This way, we can make sure that they stay away from harmful sites.
  3. Don’t let children meet someone online without your permission.
  4. Don’t allow them to enter chat rooms without supervision, or as much as possible prohibit them from doing such.
  5. Check your credit card bill. See if there are pornographic sites that charge your credit cards with products or services you didn’t request for.
  6. Spend time talking to him about some rules in using the internet. Have those posted near your computer.
  7. Tell him that he shouldn’t give out photos including his full name and telephone number to anyone online.
  8. Control the administrative passwords of your computer system so you can keep ahead of their online activities.
  9. Block their access to social sites while they’re in elementary and middle school. Social media isn’t a good influence as we hone our children in their growing up years.

“But, I cannot do all these. I’m a busy working parent. Is there any protection out there that protects my child’s online activities while I’m away?”

Yes, there is! You can do something about this problem. Keep your children from harmful online sites ALL THE TIME, even while you’re asleep and your kid’s spending some time online.

……..Install effective software with ‘Parental Control.’ One of which is the Bitdefender software.

What’s Parental Control? Parental Control – Blocks inappropriate content, restricts Web access between certain hours, and helps you remotely monitor your children’s online activity – even on Facebook! –source SoftwareCasa.

Anytime, you can protect your children online. You can have peace of mind while at work because you have the Bitdefender Online protection. Run it on your computer today and track every single activity your kid does online while you’re away.

Hope this help and shed some light for you. Remember these tips on ‘How to Safeguard Your Children’s Internet Activities’

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Hello There!

The Internet has become one of the most powerful source of communication in this fast-changing world. However because of this fact, it has been taken advantage of by malicious perpetrators. The internet has become one of the sources of influencing children negatively by portraying it fashionable or ‘kool’  to become violent, ill-mannered and addicts. This has become a worry to many parents especially those who have home computers and internet connection.

With these arising issues came the development of security solutions to fight off every tactic a perpetrator has, be it malware, virus, worm, spam and the likes. Given all the names of security suites in the market, BitDefender 2010 is one of the best ones that offers all the vital protection including a feature where parents and guardians can control their children’s computer access. Parents can limit their children to sites they are allowed to visit and avoid opening those malicious, vulgar and bad influence sites.

If you already own BitDefender 2010 sit back and follow these instructions  to setup the parental control feature.

parentalcontrol21.  Open BitDefender 2010

2. Click Settings located on the upper right corner.

3. Then switch to Expert mode.

4. Click on the Parental Control module

5. On the page, you’ll see all the accounts the computer has, click on the Modify button of the account that you want to apply a Parental Control on.

6. On the Parental Control window,  you will see 5 different options that you can configure:


• Allows you to create a list of blocked and allowed sites to be accessed to.
• Use the recommended list of blocked sites by BitDefender.
• To add a site on the list, just click on “+” button and enter the string like:

B. Applications

• Allows you to block access to certain programs
• To add an application on the list, just click on “+” button and browse to the executable file for that application.


• Allows you to block websites or e-mails which contains any of the specific words you listed.
• Allows you to select the protocol that you wish to be filtered. Options are Http (for websites), POP3 (for e-mails) or Instant Messaging.
• To add a keyword on the list, just click on “+” button and enter the string.

D. Messaging

• Allows you to deny chat conversations with certain contacts.
• To add a contact on the list, just click on “+” button and specify what action you want to apply against the user.

E. Web Limiter

• Allows you to block access to websites between certain hours.
• To choose timeframe, click on the box corresponding to the desired interval to block access in that time duration.

That’s all there is to it!

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Keep your Family Safe , Until Next Time 😉

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