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Best Total PC Security EVER!

With a number of proclamations, accreditations, awards and high third party approval ratings, BitDefender 2105 has proven that those who have tested it weren’t wrong to give it a perfect 10 in performance and technology.

While being one of the most affordable on the market, its performance is highly remarkable and its latest upgrades are no exception. So, it comes as no surprise that when BitDefender 2015 hit the market, it has been ranked number 1 by different tech sites and authorities as the Best Antivirus Program. Let us see what the new BitDefender Photon has in store for its future users:

  • Enhanced One Step payments for those who pay their bills online
  • Improved parental control that allows the parents to monitor and prevent children from accessing websites or materials that may have damaging content.
  • Enhanced Security Reports for scans and detections
  • Enhanced online banking and shopping security; alerts and detects online scammers to help protect you and your online finances
  • Enhanced Quick vulnerability scanners which run full-time to protect your computer from immediate malware and virus attacks.
  • The 2015 product also includes new specs that you might find very useful, such as the:
  1. PC tune-up option. A one-click addition that allows your device to work faster and better.
  2. A new inclusion of movies, work and gaming profiles for the different modes of your device
  3. A start-up optimizer so your computer will boot faster.

BitDefender is at the top of its game and rated by third party users with a perfect 10 out of 10 in software efficiency. This product also delivers when it comes to other specs in addition to virus and malware detection. It is also very easy to use, most of its software updates are equipped to work with one click or with the BitDefender Autopilot, which allows you to sit back and relax, while it does all the work. There’d be no need for configurations, no pop-up advertisements and no interruptions. Just install, sit back and relax.


The beauty about BitDefender 2015 is that it factors in the flow of modernization in all devices. It has delivered a way to keep you protected at all costs without swelling the price. It gives you all the protection and more, shielding not just your device but also your family and finances.

Download the BitDefender Antivirus, get the BitDefender Upgrade, or have the BitDefender for Mac today!

What’s up Bitdefenderguide friends? If you’re looking for the best value yet the most powerful PC and internet protection, you may be interested to learn about the latest offering from our favorite anti-malware, anti-spam and total data software protection—BitDefender Total Security 5-seats $39.

BitDefender Total Security: Peace of Mind Guaranteed

With it more affordable price, there is no way you would not want to protect yourself and your family from all electronic threats! It works just the way you envisioned total protection as it functions even when you sleep, protecting your data, financial transactions and internet browsing, among others.

If you’re looking for total protection, you should not miss this chance to grab the most powerful and innovative protection tool in BitDefender—the most awarded and best-selling security software you could ever install.

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Peter, Your BitDefender Guide 🙂


Choosing the best anti-virus software is a daunting task. You will have to deal with a lot of choices that promise the same things. But, is your computer really safe with that software? How do you choose your anti-virus app? Here is Your Guide to Choose the Best Anti-Virus Software:

Assess the protection needs of your computer.

You may ask yourself how much you are using the computer for internet stuff like shopping and internet banking. Do you play a lot of online and social networking games? Are you fond of downloading or streaming files like music and movies? The level of protection depends heavily on how much you use your computer. There are specific protections that the system will need aside from anti-virus software.

Check for certifications from major testing agencies to check the status of the anti- virus software.

This way, you can check for its reputation among industry leaders in the anti-virus market and you will have an idea of how your choice fares against its competitors.

Check for a detection and protection scores.

The anti- virus software should be consistent with having high detection and protection scores for each test that it runs. You can also check from user reviews on forums and blogs that discuss matters about computer protection. It is most likely that they will promote certain brands that are truly remarkable when it comes to performance, affordability, and user-friendly.

Is there any other added protection aside from protection against viruses?

The best anti-virus software is one that has other protective features like anti-spam, pop-up blockers, anti- malware, among others.

Finally test the performance of your chosen anti-virus software.

Usually, you are given to a free trial to evaluate the software first before finally making a purchase. Notice little things like whether it slows down your computer, or do you have any problem running other programs with it. Sometimes you may have the best anti-virus software but it might not be compatible with your operating system.

**It is highly-recommended that you ask first for a trial period so you will not waste money on incompatible software.

Bitdefender… The Best Protection Your PC Could Ever Have.

Figuring out the best anti- virus software is not at all difficult. You really just have to be meticulous in choosing the one that will work best with your computer and that it meets the criteria for the level of protection that you need.  Sure you can have free anti-virus software but more often than not, they are very limited when it comes to features and performance. Paid anti-virus software may not always be expensive.

Check Bit Defender!

It is advanced anti-virus software that is equipped with features that truly gives the best protection for your computer. Aside from its powerful anti-virus capability, it is equipped with anti- spyware, anti- theft, parental control, social network protection, firewall, safe banking, and even ID theft protection.

Doing what you want on the internet need not to be scary or a traumatizing experience. Even if there are reports about credit card frauds due to identity theft in the internet, rest assured that with the Bit Defender installed in your computer, you will be protected.

Aside from its remarkable anti-virus software, it has the best protection against people who may want to get access into your system to get hold of your personal and sensitive information. Choosing the best anti- virus software should make you realize just how important having only the best one for your computer is.

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Learn Why Bitdefender is the Best

Hello Friends! Today, let’s take a look at some products from the Bitdefender: Bitdefender Anti-Virus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security, and Bitdefender Total Security. If you’ve installed one of these PC and internet protections on your computer system, you’ve made a great choice.

Bitdefender is widely-recognized in the world! Various AV testing houses have spoken of Bitdefender’s capacity to protect your PC, MAC, and computer systems. Today, it’ clearly changed the way anti-virus software is made.

Bitdefender Is the Best Anti-Virus Software Around

Undoubtedly, Bitdefender is the best software on the market. It has changed every standard, every guideline, and every perspective on how people view anti-virus software. Although there were reports that the installation process takes a while, it’s not an issue at all if we’re going to think about the protection and security that the Bitdefender can provide us all.

Once we’ve completed the installation, we’ll be safe from spyware, worms, identity theft, and phishing attacks, among other threats we can meet along the way. Plus, we can also integrate our Bitdefender in our email so that we’re safe from spam and malicious message. Our software can also tell us if our sites are safe, meaning that we can browse our internet safely through the Search Advisor. These are only some benefits that we get from Bitdefender but there are more….

Aside from the advantages we get for installing the Bitdefender, its worth-comparing the three Bitdefender products so that in case you still don’t have yours, you can decide which protection package suits you. Let’s take a look at these….

Bitdefender Anti-Virus Plus

  • Antivirus and Antispyware
  • Bitdefender Autopilot™
  • New! Bitdefender Safepay™
  • New! USB Immunizer
  • New! Online Remote Management
  • Search Advisor
  • Social Network Protection
  • Personal Data Filter
  • Anti-phishing
  • Scan Dispatcher

Bitdefender Internet Security

  • Antivirus and Antispyware
  • Bitdefender Autopilot
  • New! Bitdefender Safepay
  • New! USB Immunizer
  • New! Online Remote Management
  • Search Advisor
  • Anti-spam
  • Enhanced! Parental Control
  • Social Network Protection
  • Personal Data Filter
  • Anti-phishing
  • Two-way Firewall
  • File Shredder
  • Scan Dispatcher

Bitdefender Total Security

  • Antivirus and Antispyware
  • Bitdefender Autopilot
  • New! Bitdefender Safepay
  • New! USB Immunizer
  • New! Online Remote Management
  • Search Advisor
  • Antispam
  • Enhanced! Parental Control
  • Bitdefender Safebox– Secure Online Storage & Sharing
  • Social Network Protection
  • Personal Data Filter
  • Antiphishing
  • Two-way Firewall
  • File Shredder
  • New! Anti-Theft
  • File Encryption
  • Scan Dispatcher
  • Tune-up

There you have the main differences that the Bitdefender software products can offer us all. Decide which one matches your needs and demands for protecting and securing your PC and internet connections.

Buy Your Bitdefender today!

Owning a Mac? Get Bitdefender Mac 2013.

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Bitdefender….staying awake for you

More than just for office and school-related purposes,  the computer has become an integral part of modern everyday life. Internet shopping and internet banking is an established business that is run by the internet using any computer device. However, with the internet being used by millions worldwide, it is a common knowledge that there are ill-minded individuals who are there to cause harm or disrupt the lives of those who rely on their computers and the internet to complete everyday transactions.

Protect Yourself and Family!

With this danger in mind, it is normal to look for ways to keep your computer and yourself protected. You need first to check for your system’s vulnerability and then identify the means to which you can avoid being compromised with the different malwares, viruses, and various hacking techniques.

How do you check if your PC is safe? Here is a simple guide in making sure that you are secured:

Always check for the authenticity of your operating systems especially if you are running a Windows OS.

The Windows Security Center should be updated and is installed with the right protective features to avoid being breeched with viruses and malwares.

It is better to manually install updates rather than relying on automatic ones.

There is a tendency that when your computer is infected with a malware, the automatic updates are blocked and will not work. This will make your system very vulnerable to a lot of viruses from the internet. Manually scanning your system is also recommended as there are malwares that displays false scan results.

Make sure that you have the latest anti-virus software installed and that it is updated very often.

Always check the website of your anti- virus software for you to be aware of any updates. It is also advised that you block websites that are marked as malicious or might have suspicious content. A pop- up blocker is very useful against websites that spam the user with pop-up sites which contain malwares and viruses. An anti- spyware is also highly recommended as spywares are known to make any PC unusable.

Secure all connections with a password.

Avoid giving out passwords or even allow other people from connecting into your network if you can. This makes your network less vulnerable from hackers that are looking for unsecured connections to hack. Even if your friend is unaware about it, hackers can use her connection to your network to penetrate into your system.

Lastly, get yourself updated with the latest news on internet security breech and hacking.

There are many resources online where you can get educated so that you will be aware of the new kinds of hacks, viruses, and malwares that are being distributed in the internet. From a lot of forums, you can get ideas and tips that will help you become vigilant against the harmful elements of the internet.

With these simple steps in checking your computer’s security, you can be sure that you do not let other people poke their noses into any of your business. But even if you managed to do all these, you still can’t make sure that you are entirely protected.

One of the best things you can do to avoid compromising yourself with hackers is by limiting sensitive information and other files on your computer. However, even if it is recommended that you keep personal files away from your computer, it is highly impossible as everything is in digital format nowadays. Not only do you deal with having to keep everything from pictures, music, and even your work into your computer, you also have to accept the fact that you divulge sensitive information such as credit card information, bank accounts, and other information in the internet.

So what can you do to enhance the security features of your PC? The best way is to purchase reliable internet protection software like the Bitdefender Total Security 2013. Aside from its powerful anti-virus feature, it has other security boosters as well which will make your system very difficult to penetrate.

Other features of the Bitdefender Total Security 2013 which makes it the best internet security available are the following:

  1. Anti- Theft
  2. Secure online storage
  3. Anti- Spam
  4. PC tune ups
  5. Firewall
  6. Safe banking
  7. ID theft protection
  8. Social Network protection

There are millions of internet users who have found this software effective. It is award- winning software that keeps your system safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Never let anyone get into your life using the vulnerability of your computer system. Step up above the hackers and keep yourself protected.

Buy Your Bitdefender today!

Owning a Mac? Get Bitdefender Mac 2013.

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Peter—Your Bitdefender Guide

Bitdefender has launched Bitdefender Mobile Security, its first security product for the Android market – out of beta, a great application to ensure greater security in Android handsets.

As efficient as light on features, the new product from BitDefender uses the cloud scanning technology to keep safe from the latest Android devices e-threats, without causing extra wear to the battery.

Android is wonderfully open to developers and we surely reap the rewards when we build Mobile Security. However, the same opening spell is easy prey for hackers and malicious malware trojans were detected in the Android Market. These were removed, but the option to install unsigned applications is still there and creates problems of security of which Mobile Security was built to solve. “said Bogdan Dumitru, BitDefender CTO.

The BETA of BitDefender Mobile Security comes in a free version and a subscription version costing $9.95 per year.

The free version, gives you the power to:

  • Keep track of each application’s permission requirements.
  • Track the location of their device on Google Maps.
  • Indicate what applications have been granted the permission to access billable device functions such as making phone calls or sending text messages.

The paid version includes all the features listed above, and adds the option to:

  • Remotely locate, lock, wipe or send a message to the Android device.
  • Makes user of BitDefender Cloud services to alert users, when browsing, about web-pages that containmalware, phishing or fraudulent content.
  • Display a message or play a sound on your device via your Bitdefender account.

BitDefender Mobile Security is a powerful mobile security tool for Android devices which includes features such as on-demand scanning, on-install scanning, and much more. The open nature of Android OS has made the platform more prone to be infested with malware.

On BitDefender Guide you get tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your BitDefender Software.

BitDefender just released the first public beta of BitDefender Total Security 2012.

As far as security software is concerned the trend continues to be slick-looking, minimalist designs for easy adjustments. Simplicity is the keyword for creating the new interface of BitDefender Total Security 2012 and the way it installs on the system.

The update of 2012 version is comprehensive. The features includes the standard modules: antivirus, antiphishing, antispam, a firewall, and so on. But you also get file encryption, a secure file shredder, chat encryption, parental controls, an online backup tool, file syncing, vulnerability detection, privacy options, a tune-up tool to clean up redundant files and Registry keys and a remote management tool that will help you manage these features across your entire network.

Ditching user profiling was the best way to keep to the trend and this is exactly what BitDefender did for their 2012 Total Security suite. The result consists in a much faster installation routine and an easier to handle the interface, since all its menus are within easy reach.

Looks have been redesigned from scratch and the company chose to go with the “black interface” style adopted by other developers in the branch as well, Symantec and Panda being two of them.

The interface is not the only major change in the bundle, though. BitDefender introduces some new technologies in this version, with the purpose of shortening scan times, reducing the number of alerts the user has to deal with, improved behavioral engine and virus removal. Web protection is achieved through TrafficLight which also features the possibility to run the browser in a virtualized environment.

Furthermore, you will benefit from RescueMode, a feature that allows the engine to scan and remove malware such as rootkits before booting into Windows. The introduction of Scan Dispatcher should act on scheduled scans so that they occur when resource usage is under a certain threshold; this way scanning will not affect your work on the computer.

Download the Beta from BitDefender

Virus Hoax and Bitdefender

Virus hoaxesIn this article I will quickly cover virus hoaxes. Although not as dangerous as other computer viruses it steals your time and is annoying.

A virus hoax is a bogus notice spread over the internet (most commonly emails) regarding virus attacks on your computer.  This entails the user to forward the message to his family and peers. Soon, the domino effect sets in, leaving a trail of doubt to the user and a massive blow to the antivirus publishers.  One simple hoax causes us to use our resources in verifying and getting the truth behind the emails (not to mention the cleanup).

“A hoax is a deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as truth. It is distinguishable from errors in observation or judgment, or rumors and urban legends that are passed along in good faith by believers or as jokes.” (wikipedia)

With the steady bloom of information technology, these virus hoaxes seem to sprout left and right, causing more and more setbacks in our society.  And like any virus, these hoaxes will evolve and continue to come.

How to spot a virus hoax

The best way to combat virus hoaxes and its effects is through awareness and defense.  Here are ways to determine a virus hoax:

  • Tells you to forward to as many users as possible.
  • There is a quota and compensation for forwarding to a minimum number of people.
  • Vague and ambiguous details referring to the technical side of the software at risk.
  • Quotation marks are unusually prevalent such as quotations marks, etc…
  • The message includes multiple people sent to and had been forwarded numerous times.
  • Several symbols are included in the subject line.
  • The message includes names of big companies to make it seem real.

Best way to combat virus hoaxes

A great way to defend ourselves against these hoaxes is not to open and forward these messages.  Rather, delete them as soon as possible.  Mark it as spam so it doesn’t hurt further.

But for sure, we cannot monitor everything that’s been going on in our computer.  Installing an antivirus is a paramount option in these circumstances. It halts anxieties related to these unscrupulous attacks by securing our computer from online threats.  As such, the Bitdefender Antivirus 2011 is an excellent selection since it has the capability to scan each bit in your computer.

The Bitdefender Antivirus 2011 can scan:

  • Archive files.
  • Email Archives.
  • Packed files.
  • Computer Memory.
  • Registry and Cookies.

Let’s always remember that prevention is always the best cure.  Virus hoaxes can cause damage, but we can be prepared.  Memorize the checklist in determining a virus hoax, and install a dependable antivirus software, as we may not know when the real thing will come.

Read more about Bitdefender capabilities: Bitdefender Antivirus 2011 – Total Protection and Security

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your BitDefender Guide

This is Bitdefender’s stand alone antivirus that protects your PC against all internet security threats, viruses, spyware, phishing attacks and more, without slowing down performance.

This year, Bitdefender released Bitdefender Antivirus Pro 2011 which comes with more improvements and new features that will give added protection and security in our PCs.

For more info, check out: Bitdefender Pro Antivirus 2011

Whats New in Bitdefender Antivirus Pro 2011

Quick Scan
The new Quick Scan uses in-the-cloud technology for better detection and improved response time to new and unknown viruses.

Search Advisor
BitDefender 2011 provides safety ratings for search results and warnings about visited websites that may contain spyware or other malware.

Video Tutorials
Get instant support and viewing of video tutorials that take you step by step through the actions required to configure BitDefender.

Dashboard Shortcuts
All BitDefender 2011 products enable users with specific needs—like parents and gamers—to create their own dashboard and shortcuts to frequently-used functions.

Smart Tips
BitDefender now includes a series of personalized suggestions, warnings, and safeguards that are relevant to the recent activity performed by the user.

This award winning company has proven that their products can compete in today’s world of technology. It has been protecting millions of PCs all over the globe. And with it being cost effective, everyone could easily afford having a safe and secured digital experience life. 🙂

For more info, check out: BitDefender Antivirus 2011

See you soon 😉

Peter – Your BitDefender Guide

BitDefender 2010 Released

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Hello Friends,

Great News Bitdefender 2010 has been released! Who could have thought that Bitdefender can get even better?  Bitdefender want only the best for their customers. They have listened and now Bitdefender 2010 is out offering unmatched  Maximum Security and at Maximum Speed!

BitDefender has been true to their word by fulfilling the demands of their loyal users (that includes you) by providing a complete solution to protect your home or business and secure your PC against new internet security threats (viruses, spyware, spam and more). Bitdefender 2010 always one step ahead of the competition.

Am sure you now want the facts not just empty talk. Here are the New and Improved Features in BitDefender 2010:

Maximum Security – Active Virus Control NEW!

wn1Active Virus Control is a cutting-edge security system, that monitors programs running on a user’s computer 24/7 as they execute and then notes malware-like actions. If enough such actions are detected, the program which ran them is declared harmful, blocking any malicious behavior before it can cause damage.

Maximum Speed – Scans in half the time than previous versions

wn2BitDefender’s scanning capability is now improved and optimized as it avoids scanning the files that are known to be safe, enhancing the scan speed and reducing  the system load, thus, achieving scan completion in half the time  of previous versions.


Easier to Use – Usage Profile NEW!

profiles_enBitDefender is the first among its Internet security providers to have User Profile feature which allows users to choose the profile that best covers their primary activities. Whether you’re a security expert or a novice, you can choose among the three profile choices that best suits you – Typical, Parent or Gamer. The product interface adapts to the chosen profile and provides quick access to the main security functionalities (e.g. for parents the “Configure Parental Control” button, while for Gamers, the “Turn on Game Mode” button).

Improved Parental Control (Available in Internet Security and Total Security 2010 only)

Parent Reporting System – The Parental Control module features a newly added reporting system allowing parents to view what websites their children visit. The monitoring activity is made more efficient as they can receive email alerts concerning each child’s activity on the Internet.

Application Time Control – A feature that allows parents to set specific time intervals in which their children are allowed to access the Internet or use certain applications.

Improved Intrusion Detection

BitDefender detects and blocks attempts to change critical system files or registry entries on your PC and warns you about attacks performed by code injection (DLL injection).

Improved In-Product Technical Support

You can get answers to the most common product-related questions or contact technical support directly from the product using its easy-to-use self-service module.

Read More About the New BitDefender 2010 here

Stay ahead of the game just like Bitdefender and get the industry’s best and latest Antivirus!

Purchase or Upgrade to BitDefender 2010 now!

Until Next Time 😉

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