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Virus Hoax and Bitdefender

Virus hoaxesIn this article I will quickly cover virus hoaxes. Although not as dangerous as other computer viruses it steals your time and is annoying.

A virus hoax is a bogus notice spread over the internet (most commonly emails) regarding virus attacks on your computer.  This entails the user to forward the message to his family and peers. Soon, the domino effect sets in, leaving a trail of doubt to the user and a massive blow to the antivirus publishers.  One simple hoax causes us to use our resources in verifying and getting the truth behind the emails (not to mention the cleanup).

“A hoax is a deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as truth. It is distinguishable from errors in observation or judgment, or rumors and urban legends that are passed along in good faith by believers or as jokes.” (wikipedia)

With the steady bloom of information technology, these virus hoaxes seem to sprout left and right, causing more and more setbacks in our society.  And like any virus, these hoaxes will evolve and continue to come.

How to spot a virus hoax

The best way to combat virus hoaxes and its effects is through awareness and defense.  Here are ways to determine a virus hoax:

  • Tells you to forward to as many users as possible.
  • There is a quota and compensation for forwarding to a minimum number of people.
  • Vague and ambiguous details referring to the technical side of the software at risk.
  • Quotation marks are unusually prevalent such as quotations marks, etc…
  • The message includes multiple people sent to and had been forwarded numerous times.
  • Several symbols are included in the subject line.
  • The message includes names of big companies to make it seem real.

Best way to combat virus hoaxes

A great way to defend ourselves against these hoaxes is not to open and forward these messages.  Rather, delete them as soon as possible.  Mark it as spam so it doesn’t hurt further.

But for sure, we cannot monitor everything that’s been going on in our computer.  Installing an antivirus is a paramount option in these circumstances. It halts anxieties related to these unscrupulous attacks by securing our computer from online threats.  As such, the Bitdefender Antivirus 2011 is an excellent selection since it has the capability to scan each bit in your computer.

The Bitdefender Antivirus 2011 can scan:

  • Archive files.
  • Email Archives.
  • Packed files.
  • Computer Memory.
  • Registry and Cookies.

Let’s always remember that prevention is always the best cure.  Virus hoaxes can cause damage, but we can be prepared.  Memorize the checklist in determining a virus hoax, and install a dependable antivirus software, as we may not know when the real thing will come.

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