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Best Total PC Security EVER!

With a number of proclamations, accreditations, awards and high third party approval ratings, BitDefender 2105 has proven that those who have tested it weren’t wrong to give it a perfect 10 in performance and technology.

While being one of the most affordable on the market, its performance is highly remarkable and its latest upgrades are no exception. So, it comes as no surprise that when BitDefender 2015 hit the market, it has been ranked number 1 by different tech sites and authorities as the Best Antivirus Program. Let us see what the new BitDefender Photon has in store for its future users:

  • Enhanced One Step payments for those who pay their bills online
  • Improved parental control that allows the parents to monitor and prevent children from accessing websites or materials that may have damaging content.
  • Enhanced Security Reports for scans and detections
  • Enhanced online banking and shopping security; alerts and detects online scammers to help protect you and your online finances
  • Enhanced Quick vulnerability scanners which run full-time to protect your computer from immediate malware and virus attacks.
  • The 2015 product also includes new specs that you might find very useful, such as the:
  1. PC tune-up option. A one-click addition that allows your device to work faster and better.
  2. A new inclusion of movies, work and gaming profiles for the different modes of your device
  3. A start-up optimizer so your computer will boot faster.

BitDefender is at the top of its game and rated by third party users with a perfect 10 out of 10 in software efficiency. This product also delivers when it comes to other specs in addition to virus and malware detection. It is also very easy to use, most of its software updates are equipped to work with one click or with the BitDefender Autopilot, which allows you to sit back and relax, while it does all the work. There’d be no need for configurations, no pop-up advertisements and no interruptions. Just install, sit back and relax.


The beauty about BitDefender 2015 is that it factors in the flow of modernization in all devices. It has delivered a way to keep you protected at all costs without swelling the price. It gives you all the protection and more, shielding not just your device but also your family and finances.

Download the BitDefender Antivirus, get the BitDefender Upgrade, or have the BitDefender for Mac today!

bug3Take caution on downloading those files in Adobe .pdf format as it can contain malware which can surely affect your computer. Below are the malwares and the e-threats it can cause to its infested computers:

  1. Backdoor PoisonIvy.GK

This malware gives the attacker an access to execute unauthorized commands on the victim computer and even monitors and logs all the applications and application versions which the computer owner uses.

  1. Trojan.Spammer.Tedroo.BA

A malware which converts its infected computer into a spamming machine.

  1. Trojan.Spy.Goldun.NEP

It monitors Internet Explorer windows and steals user’s authentication for e-gold.

For you not to fall for these e-threats, make sure to install Adobe security updates and most importantly, update your security solutions.

Until next time – keep safe!

Malcolm – Your BitDefender Guide

The No.1 Security firm, BitDefender have the solution to the removal of Downadup (Conficker) Virus that infected 9 million computers in about three months time.

Conficker is a worm which takes advantage on the vulnerabilities of Windows, where it blocks access to the server of anti-virus websites which stops the user to disinfect his computer from this havoc-wreaking virus. Apart from the disability to access anti-virus sites, Conficker also targets Windows’ security measures like the Windows Auto-Update, Error Reporting, Defender and Security Center.

This has led BitDefender to come up with a resolution to end this e-threat. Their removal tool is available here

More information about: Downadup (Conficker)

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your BitDefender Guide